Nissen Temperature Indicating Sticks

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Temperature Rating: 120 Deg C
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Nissen Temperature Sticks are an easy, economical way to determine surface temperatures. The Temperature Stick is 125mm long and protected by an adjustable aluminum holder. They are guaranteed accurate to within +/- 1% of their temperature rating.

The Sticks have many applications and are widely used in the welding and heat treating industries.

The Stick may be used either by making a mark on the surface and heating the material until the mark melts, or the material may be heated and the surface stroked with the Stick until it leaves a liquid smear.

The marks are easily removed with water, if they have not become charred. If the mark has become charred, it may be necessary to use abrasives to remove the mark.

See them in action here;

Available for the following temperatures;

  • 120 Degrees C
  • 150 Degrees C
  • 200 Degrees C
  • 250 Degrees C
  • 300 Degrees C
  • 350 Degrees C
  • 600 Degrees C


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