GM Car Clip - CC10555

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Inner fender shield, and Bumper fascia retainer
Quantity choice: 1 clip or a bag of 25 clips
GM part number: 94145515
Isuzu part number: 89414-55150, 8941455150
Toyota part number: 90467-06061-1, 90467060611
Honda part number: 90665-S2-003ZU, 90665S2003ZU, 90665-S2-003ZQ, 90665S2003ZQ, 90665-S2-003ZF, 90665S2003ZF, 90665-S2-003ZY, 90665S2003ZY, 90665-S2-003ZR, 90665S2003ZR
Mitsubishi part number: M772941
6mm Hole
Commonly used on a large number of GM, Holden and Isuzu vehicles.