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CHRYSLER/GM/VW Grommet clip

Chrysler/Dodge Part Number; 6029501
GM Part Number; 1370853
Audi/VW part numbers; 179-813-883 (179813883) 155-809-966
Natural colour, nylon
For 7mm x 8mm hole, takes #6 & #8 Gauge screws

Quantity choice: 1 clip or a bag of 25 clips

Small screw grommet and headlight bezel nut, also sometimes called a snap-in nut
Used for mounting trim panels and parts onto metal bodywork. These little clips fit into a 7mm square hole and are used by Chrysler, Gm, VW & Audi  on some vehicles for mounting small, lightweight trims and parts.
Used for the seat brackets on Chrysler and Dodge vehicles
Commonly used in vehicles from 1982 on
Location; Headlight, Seat brackets


Commonly found on the following vehicles;

  • Chrysler Cirrus
  • Chrysler Prowler 2001-2002
  • Dodge D150 1986-1993
  • Dodge D250 1986-1993
  • Dodge D350 1986-1993
  • Dodge Ramcharger 1986-1993
  • Dodge Stratus
  • Dodge W150 1986-1993
  • Dodge W250 1986-1993
  • Dodge W350 1986-1993
  • VW Cabriolet 1985-1993
  • VW Caddy Mk1 1983-1992
  • VW Corrado 1989-1985
  • VW Golf Mk1 Cabriolet 1979-1993
  • VW Golf Mk3 Cabrio 1994-2002
  • VW Polo Mk3 1996-2002


Compares with;

  • Auveco #12735
  • Wurth # 150156020

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