GM Car Clip - CC10200

GMSKU: CC10200/25

Quantity: 25 Clips
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Chrysler, Ford, GM/Holden and VW  3/16” Nylon Blind Rivet
Chrysler Part Number; 6503800
Ford Part Number; N804343S
GM Part Number; 20432975
VW Part Number; 175-853-57701C
Black, Nylon
For 5mm (3/16”) hole
Panel range (grip) 3mm-6mm (1/8”-1/4”)

Quantity choice: 1 clip or a bag of 25 clips

Location; Centre support rivet for rear bumper, rear bumper deflector rivet, rear bumper lower cover rivet.

Grip-Tite type Nylon automotive rivet, this is a big seller, and is used in a large number of applications on Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ford, GM, Holden, VW and Audi

Compares with;
Wurth # 150159601
Auveco #13748

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