Gauss D2R Xenon Headlight Bulb - GL155D2R HID GL155D2R

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Gauss D2R HID Xenon Headlight Bulb - Single

High-intesity discharge, or HID, headlights have an output and longer life than traditional headlights.

The D2R is a xenon gas discharge HID or Xenon bulb designed for use in a projector system. D2S bulbs are commonly confused with D2R bulbs, which are designed for a reflector system. An easy way to distinguish the two bulbs is the painted shield seen on D2R bulbs. Small notches on the base of these bulbs prevent them from being used interchangeably if you are looking for a universal fit the D2C bulb can be used in each assembly

Suitable for 12v/24v

Specification: Color temperature: 4300K
  • Base: P32d-2
  • Bulb color: Colorless
  • Power: 35W
  • Output voltage: 85V
  • Type: Xenon
Similar to; 
  • PHILIPS: 85126
  • OSRAM: 66250
  • NARVA: 84006
  • TOYOTA: 90981-20008

Supplied in a single pack - 1 Bulb

Compatible Manufacturer Part Number

Acura: 33116-S0A-J11
Infinity: 26297-9B90A
Lexus: 90981-20001
Mercedes-Benz: 910139-000000
Mini: 63-12-6-907-495
Mitsubishi: mu000582
Nissan: 26297-9B90A
Saab: 32008693
Subaru: 84920AE010

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